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For 3 years ago I tried to reaper the 50A Dolphin charger and lost my time and found that the quality of this unit is to bad and never will work properly ... so I put it in the bean and bought a 60A Master Volt unit .... I am very happy with my new MasterVolt charger.
Be careful with 100A charger to not burn the batteries (specially by using both together 100+30=130A!)
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Did you try washing down the units with fresh water?

Use a lot of water and let them dry for days.

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My high pressure Dessalator hose burst yesterday and filled engine compartment with saltwater (ironically, I planned on replacing hoses next week).  The original Dolphin 50 and 30 amp chargers shut down.  The 50 amp displays a temp fault and the 30 amp a fuse fault.  I suspect they are toast but not sure.  Does anyone know a routine I can follow to trouble the units?  I am not sure where all the fuses are for the units but do know about the ceramic fuse in the 30 amp.  It looks fine.


What replacement units would you recommend?  I thought maybe a 100 amp Master
Volt unit but not sure my existing wiring would support the current? 


Any advise would be appreciated. With both units down, I need to move quickly.   I'm in the Virgin Islands so should be able to source an acceptable unit locally. 


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