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Graham, as odd as it might sound, Trevor’s suggestion of ‘heat of the moment brain fade’ could be the likely culprit. I have sold hundreds of used Amel’s and offer clients a training period of several days to get them up to speed. On more occasions than you would believe, when things get tense the first few times with the new owner on the helm ( after I demonstrate that “THIS IS EASY”), they lower the thruster and then turn off the power switch the first time they reach for the toggle/joy stick. Especially with short timers, panic ensues and the helmsperson goes into save the boat mode and neglects to turn the power on. Just to make an indelible impression, I wait until the helmsperson gulps, loudly , before restoring power.

If this is the case, don’t feel bad. I’ve had many folks much brighter than I, which is just about everybody, do this. Some have even turned the power back on in their panic without realizing they had turned it off! Go easy on yourself.

Were you fortunate to have the seller/other knowledgeable person spend time with you familiarizing you with your-new-to-you Amel? I sure hope so, If not, find an Amel owner close to you and buy them dinner with many adult beverages if they will get you on the path. Lots of little secrets, all of which add to the greatness and enjoyment of these very cleverly conceived and mostly well engineered cruisers.

Some misconceptions that have been inadvertently offered here…

Your bow thruster is an early Amel BISSON/BUFFLE type, more than likely. Lots of evolution since. It is a 12 volt unit, not 24 volts as on the Super Maramu and subsequent Amel models. It is better than nothing certainly but not a game changer/life saver like the much more powerful 24 volt units that followed. The bow thruster on the Amel 54 is a completely different animal, dual props, counter-rotating, very powerful. Your installed bow thruster won’t allow you to dock your Amel Maramu with impunity in 20 plus knots of wind until you practice and really learn the capabilities and limitations and even then... Practice makes perfect and I try to use the bow thruster as little as possible to keep my boat handling skills alive but do not hesitate to employ it before it is needed.

There is no fuse/thermal limiter on the electric motor on any Amel installed bow thruster on a Sharki, Maramu, Mango, Santorin, Super Maramu, or Amel 54 so don’t go looking for that as there is none

Anybody close to Graham in Barbados? I think you will be getting a dinner invite.

I waited to chime in as I make my living selling experienced Amels and I wanted someone else to make the suggestion that Trevor did. I can’t afford to have anyone feel I have scolded them and I sure hope you don’t. You will love and appreciate this owners group.

Have Fun With Your Amel, Joel

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The motor (15hp) has so much torque it will either throw off weed or light plastic immediately, or break the nylon shear bolts.

This is a really lame suggestion, but as it is all a bit new to you, is it possible you turned off the switch beside the toggle switch in the heat of the moment?

The good news is the more that you practice the easier it will become, you will quickly be able to wander through a marina in 25kts+ of winds stern too, without a thought.

Happy new year.


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