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Andrew & Kate Lamb

Hi Graham

One other thought is that in retrospect we did have some intermittent issues with the bow thruster motor just before it finally failed and I had to do some work on the cooper connections to the commutator. I guess it is also possible for the same intermittency from worn bow thruster motor brushes.

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Hi Andrew,

I haven't been able to inspect it yet but I figure it must be as the bow thruster worked normally once I was on the berth. 

Many thanks for your response

SV Jamesby
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Hi Graham


Is the propeller still there? It is designed to break off at the plastic bolts if it catches something? If the motor is still turning but there is no propulsion this would seem the most likely cause, either that or it was not properly descended into the water – I think it is possible in older Maramus for the bow thruster to be actuated when not completely down.






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I'm a very new owner of a Maramu and yesterday I had an apparent failure of the bow thruster.  Although it was obvious that the motor was turning, the bow did not respond.  After I got on to my berth (with difficulty - I'm still learning to handle it in reverse!) I tried it again and it worked normally. 


Can anyone offer an explanation and, if possible, a course of action. I considered cavitation (unlikely, I think), or the prop slipping on its drive shaft or some foreign object like a plastic bag or piece of weed obstructing the prop. 


Can anyone offer other ideas or experience? 


Graham Cresswell

SV Jamesby

Maramy #240




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