SSB Radio Ground

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To all,

I am installing a SSB radio. The Amel manual says "If the boat
hasn't got any SSB radio the ground plates are connected to the zinc
anodes. When setting up a SSB, disconnect the ground plates of the
anodes (behind the chart table)"

I take this to mean that the SSB ground should be separate from the
boat ground. The SSB will be connected to the ground plates and the
boat ground will be connected to the zinc anodes. Is this a correct

Has anyone done this? Can you explain how this is done?

On my boat (hull #215 1998) there are two ground wires connected to
the rudder. One goes to a nearby copper strap which I assume
connects to the ground plates. The other wire goes into the boat
wiring harness which I assume is the boat ground for all the
underwater metal parts. The copper strap has a second ground wire
attached to it which I think goes to behind the chart table. The
ground lug behind the chart table has three wires connected together.

My boat has a copper strap where the antenna tuner should be
installed. I intend to attach tuner ground to this strap. I assume
that this ground is attached to the ground plates.

best regards,
Paul S. Fruehauf - Faraway Eyes - SM215

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