Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Santorin: Why no starter battery?

Ric Gottschalk <ric@...>

My SN 24 1990 had 1  group 31 for starting & genset & 1 for house. I changed that to 2 start, 1 genset, and 6 - 2 volt rolls batteries placed in strbd nav berth. This also put the boat on an even keel to solve the 3 tilt to port. I did major upgrades to the wires & upgraded switches, added inverter, chargers, and fuse links. 

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Does anybody know why the Santorin originally was not equipped with a starter battery? Earlier and later AMEL models were equipped with separate starter and service batteries, but not the Santorin. Maybe someone can put some light on this. Thx.

Best - Daniel

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