Re: Recommendtions for replacement fridge for a Santorin


In 2010 I replaced my 1993 Santorin #86 with the Isotherm Cruise 130 Classic with ASU. It fit perfectly with no modifications although I elected not to reinstall the old wooden door. I especially liked the ASU which simply runs the unit at full tilt if it senses an alternator, generator or solar panel is charging...adjustable if you are plugged in at a dock. It consumed less energy than the old one. From my actual order history.|2276179|2276204|2276226|2276234&id=922241. (Defender product number 402159) There was also room to attach some kind of super foam board I got to Home Depot to 3 sides and top using 2 sided tape Eric M has the boat now....he might update.
Bob, KAIMI SM429

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