Re: Requesting information on SM insurance

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

"Out of the hurricane box. Boat will be in NZ AU for some time
and then sailed back to the US."

I am insured thru Offshore Risk Management, William J. Coates, broker,
(305) 743-7711 or (800) 773-0105, or Google up their web site. He
has handled my insurance for 5 years including my needs in Europe,
on a transatlantic and in the Caribbean and east coast of the US. Perhaps
Pentanius (spelling) insurance is available in Australian and New Zeland.
They are a German company that is high rated and quite cheap but they
will not insure boats in US waters because of our litigenous society here.

My basic insurance annual premium has run about 1.2% of the hull value
insured plus about 15% of that premium added on for keeping the boat
in the hurricane box (currently in Antigua). I am not sure where the
hurricane box is for the southern hemisphere.

I have been pleased with Bill's service and knowledge. Give him a call
and let him know I sent you.

Best regards, Gary

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