Re: Amel Santorin 108 Vagabundo repaint mast and new rig

Herbert Lackner

Hi Antonio,

we changed the standing rigging and painted the mast last winter in turkey.  we bought the new rig from ACMO what seemed to be the best and cheapest solution, everything did fit perfect!  the mast, boom,... has been completely dismounted (take winches... off) , everything has been sanded, then AWLGRIP primer and paint. It is like new now, one year later. I also recommend to exchange all the electric cables and eventually the lines. It is also a good chance to service the winches, the furling...

We had mechanics (Yakomoz) in Kusadasi doing the work and I had to watch the whole process because they worked with horrible quality (they told me that they are experienced with amel but they are not -  and that was really a problem...). Make sure you use aluminium rivets and not steel, put grease in the foil..., do not over-tigthen the backstays, eventually change the "gummi-lines" in the booms, make sure that the masts are straight and not bended...  In the end I did many of the things by my own until it was ok.

tadeja and herbert

Mindelo, Cap verde



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