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Craig Briggs


Here's an old post of mine on this subject - hope it helps.
The chain wrench with a length of pipe on the handle for leverage is best. 
Craig Briggs, sv Sangaris SN#68, Pompano Beach, FL

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  • Craig & Katherine
    Apr 3, 2008
    Before you go to a lot of possibly unnecessary trouble - don't give up! 
    Keep on with the WD40 soaking and rather than trying to "jerk" things 
    loose by running the thruster or banging the electric motor, try this. 
    Put a strap wrench around the electric motor, either a chain wrench or a 
    rubber strap one. Then put a length of pipe over the strap wrench 
    handle for added leverage. Then carefully torque this up, trying to 
    turn the motor just a few degrees either right or left. Do this with 
    the thruster retracted: the lower housing will act to resist your 
    turning of the motor. Be patient, turn it right, then left, then right, 
    etc. Be patient and sooner or later it will break free just a bit - 
    then keep nudging it back and forth. At first you may only be able to 
    go a few degrees at a time, but it will break loose after a while. 
    Don't give up!

    Cheers, Craig

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