Cockpit locker

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Hi Gary,
Thanks for your message, I was hoping that one of the other of the many members would give you the dimensions! I have been down to Bali Hai and got the sizes for you. This is much easier on my boat because I scrapped the Amel seat and put in a swivel seat on a pedestal and the seat can be lifted off giving great access to the locker. I did the same thing with the nav seat and when the seat is lifted off it is easy to access the lockers under the chart table.
The clearance into the locker is 51cm and the total depth hull to cockpit is 148cms. The fore and aft measurement from the ply cover to the watermaker parts to the partition in the locker is 100cms but there are two vent pipes for the exhaust hot air from the engine room which are 70 cms from the partition and reduce the depth of the cockpit locker at the forward end to 148 cms. In case it of any help we store stuff in four cheap plastic boxes which are 57x42x35cms high and the lids at 42 cms wide are small enough to go into the locker on the level .
I hope this helps.

Very best wishes, John Sm319

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