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Hi Mark.
I believe that the solenoid in Bill's pic is the one that isolates the engine from the battery negative unless you are 1) heating the glow plugs 2) cranking the engine or 3) stopping the engine.
At all other times the solenoid is in the open (disconnected) position which breaks the connection of the engine block to the battery negative.
The start and stop solenoids are found at the starter and fuel pump respectively.  If similar to the 110HP Yanmar. The stop solenoid is integral to the fuel pump.  You will see a wire going to it at the fuel pump.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks Mark, but do you have a picture of the stop fuel solenoid, or know how to access it? Do you have to remove the fuel pump to get to it?  I would love to see a annotated photo of this stop solenoid so I knew what I was looking at, and any hints as to how to troubleshoot it.

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