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Once a year I flush the sea chest, Yanmar, Onan, and A/C pump with Barnacle Buster.  It takes 2 1/2 gallons which are diluted per their instructions.  The sea chest stopcock is closed and the BB poured into the chest while the engine or pump is running.  When it starts coming out the discharge port, the engine/pump is shut down and the BB allowed to sit for 12-24 hours.  Open the seacock and run as usual.
 I've never had any significant growth.
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Just wondering if anyone can provide some pointers or methods used that they practice to maintain thru hulls. Particularly, the main sea strainer in the engine room. Had some growth that was restricting water flow and I had to clear out a bunch of mussels and jellies. I got really technical and used a dowel I had laying around. Flow was restored however it brings this issue to mind. No big deal, just wondering if anyone had any trick they use to prevent grow or remove when necessary. 

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