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Peter Pappas Callisto SM 369 wrote:
" I am traveling in Mexico and disinfect any water that I receive from
domestic sources with ΒΌ teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water. My
question is should I also be treating the water made with the water
maker. Will chlorinated water affect the membranes if used to back
wash the system?"

YES Peter, even this small amount of chlorine will destroy you water
maker membranes. After disinfecting your water system (sanitizing it
with larger concentrations of liquid chlorine bleach and pumping
it through all the piping except that to the water maker flush system,
you should discard all that water and fill your tanks only with water
that has either been chlorinated and then filtered through a charcoal
filter or water that comes from the watermaker.

Even tiny amounts of chlorine in the flush water will greatly
shorten the life (or promptlly destroy) your membranes. For more
information you can consult the web site for Filmtec (the makers of
the Dessalator water maker membranes). Go to:
There are multiple technical bulletins at this site all related to the
care and feeding of your FilmTec Membranes.

I installed a dedicated charcoal filter in the fresh water flush line
so that there is a final charcoal filter in any water that goes to
flush my membranes. In addition, any water that I fill the tanks
with from the marina is passed through a charcoal filter as well.

Among other things that Dessalator does a poor job of is giving
their customers robust product manuals that cover all of this.

There is a host of material on the Dow site about all aspects of
watermaker service.

Regards, Gary Silver Amel SM2000 Hull # 335

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