bracket reinforcement on SM

Donato Valente

Thanks again for your advice.
Should you have pictures of the bracket as repaired in Ft Lauderdale, I would appreciate if you send them by email, or post on amelyachtowners photos if you prefer,
Many thans
SM 2000
Ocean Bird
Hull nr 468
in Havana 

I had the same issue on my SM180. Nance Underwood Riggers in Ft Lauderdale repaired the bracket for me when they replaced my standing rigging in June. They did straighten the old bracket but reinforced it by welding stainless rods to each side which made an attractive repair. Initially I thought that the large shackle on the CQR had grabbed the bracket as the anchor came aboard and bent it. However, after reading the other comments to your post I am not certain. In any event the extra strength of the stainless rods is appreciated. 

Will Stout,
Anni Bea True
St Martin,
Marina Ft St Louis

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