Re: Combination anchor tri color light


Hi Will,


Four years ago I replaced my original mast-head light with a Signal Mate Tri-color and anchor light.  It has a two mile visibility  (much brighter than the original) and has worked flawlessly.  To install the new light, I removed the original light that sat in a fixed ring and had a plastic ring fabricated to fit inside of the fixed ring.  The plastic ring  was made to have an inside diameter that is just big enough to hold the new light.  I glued the new ring inside of the old ring,  connected the wires,  and inserted the new light with lots of silicone sealer.    The new light also uses almost no electricity.  It is a joy to be able to have the lights on all night without running down the batteries.


Miles  SM 216  Ladybug

On the hard in Newport, RI and wishing for the tropics.

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