Re: Changes to Yahoo

Gary Wells

Alain,  Thanks for checking that out.  True, the .PDF is not loaded yet.  Had to catch a plane and ran out of time.  I'll haul the laptop to the marina today and see if I can't finish that up.  A 24,000 page document!  I will do it again when a "cutover" date is set and that wy I won;t feel so bad about leaving months of new stuff behind.  :)


I know there are ways to reset the password on Yahoo (I've forgotten mine a lot).  I think they always sent my verification codes to my 2nd email account though.  ALl I can think of is to maybe try as a place to log in instead of the Groups page and see if it offers different options for recovering a password.  There has to be some kind of customer support options available (a "Contact Us" kind of a link hidden somewhere ,,,  best of luck!

Gary W.
SM 209 "Adagio"

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