Re: Staysail

Paul Osterberg

The stay-sail, furler and fittings was ordered from Q-sails in Izmir, but the Inox fittings was subcontracted to a workshop in Marmaris, Turkey.
Below the sail locker there is a similar Inox plate 200x150 mm 4 mm thick, no further fastening, should be sufficient, else one has to mold in a fixed point below in the bow, but do not think that is necessary.

Yes an internal halyard, with a sheeve box and a halyard exit by Selden.
No running back-stay, as the stay ca 150 cm below the genua stay. judge not necessary with back stay, however not tested in strong wind yet, but Olivier a former Amel technician and now a surveyor had a look at it and thought the installation was adequate.

The sheet point is a Dynema core between the mast base and the forward lower shrud chain plate (see picture), on that Dynema cord i have an Antal ring which the sheet goes through and then to a block attached to a ringbolt on the front genua track, and then further aft. Again not tested in strong wind, but confident it will be possible to adjust to get almost optimum shape of the sail for up wind sailing, should also be easy to stow away when not in use, else one could trip on it an fall.
Don't hesitate if you have further questions
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259


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