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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Paul. I connected with grub screws and wire all of the boom, bolts, block and mast. Didn't seem to help.  I considered grounding it, ie connecting it to the boats grounding circuit system that is linked to the rudder zinks but was unsure about poking  that much current into the system. But the Zink on the mast, sounds good. Would it work? guess it should. Why don't I think of simple solutions like that.
I have had recommended a product called duralac to use between and stainless/alloy contact points. I too have a voltage between the small screws on the mast and the mast but no or very little corrosion around those points.

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I will try to remove the bolt and clean out eventual crust or what ever I will find, then apply some Tef-Tec, I hope that will solve the issue. If that not work i will, I consider to put a ground wire to the bolt, and or put a zink anod on the mast.
Paul SY Kerpa SM#259 

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