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I remember reading on this forum that the electric heaters should only be run on the High fan setting.  Is that correct?  If so, your plan to run all 3 on low may not be a good idea.

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Thank you all for your suggestions! I have contacted Fakir and they are actually working with a company they distribute to in Kansas to see if they can import 2 new units for me. In the mean time does anyone have a source they can share to purchase the new Fakir Hobby S in the US? I have possibly found a happy medium in the meantime. By running all 3 heaters at once in the low setting I have been managing to keep the boat at 64 throughout the boat on the cold nights. I am big into having a backup for everything so finding a replacement heater source would be greatly appreciated. For the record, I ordered an oil filled 220 radiator and it does not perform the way I would like it too. Might be good to maintain an above freezing temperature when away.  Save your money. 

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