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Behind the chart table there is a green/yellow wire marked BLU. Without the SSB this cable is connected to the SSB grounding plate on the rudder and also to the ships boding system (zincs). When a SSB is added the ground for the SSB must be isolated from the ships bonding system. To do this, disconnect the wire behind the nav station. On Cream Puff there was a blank terminal to use.

Once you have installed your SSB, it is a good idea to check the resistance between the SSB ground and the ships bonding system. There should not be a connection.

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Thank you!

Do you or anyone else know where the thick (the thickest of man yellow and green ca 8 mm in diameter) yellow and green ground cable ends? it goes from a ground point behind the chart table after on starboard side and dissiperar through the last bulkhead in to the after lasarett, then I have not yet been able to trace where it goes. But can it be connected with the copper ground strip for the SSB radio? or the zink anode?

According to one manual i found on the forum

"the SM 2000 has got in standard two ground plates on the rudder, used by the SSB system. If the boat hasen't got any SSB theses ground plates are connected to the zink anodes. When setting up a SSB, disconnect the ground plates of the anodes (behind the chart table)"

I guess the thick yellow and green ground is connected with either the ground plates or the Zink anodes.

Any light on this subject is highly apreciated

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM2K #259

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