Cooking batteries

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

I am no expert in this area but if I had the problem I would be very
very worried. There is clearly at least one fault somewhwere in the
electrics be it battery, alternators, regulators, battery chargers
or defective wiring with intermitent connections.
You were very lucky to have caught the problem just in time before
you had a fire on board and you got away with acid deposits, no
explosions from hydrogen release, no lung damage from sulphurous
acid fumes etc.
If it was me I would find a top class electrician and get his
diagnosis and cure. If he cannot find the cause get another expert.
You are probably aware that every year there are boats burnt out
whilst on the hard as well as in a marina as a result of mains being
left connected to charge the batteries and when they become
defective they over heat.
On an entirely different point I recently had problems with one of
my batteries and never understood why Delphi claim that you can see
the health of one of their batteries by looking at the little window
which should be green in a perfect world. I thought that this was B
S until the electrician scraped off the protective film from the
windows and all was revealed!

Be warned, Anne and John SM 319

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