Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: 24 volt charger on Yanmar quit working causing DC panel light to indicate fault

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HI put your volt meter on current test are you out putting from the alternator to the house battery? If no most likely your alternator is shot. 100 amp replacement that had a smart regulator. This guy can get you a new 
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My unit is original Amel so don't think it was Balmar but not sure.  Unit was spray painted silver which covered label so need to do some investigating to determine which unit I have.  I'm still looking for fuse and regulator location. 

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Hi Ben, Is your alternator a Balmar?  If so I believe that it is externally regulated.  I have experienced a couple of broken wires on my unit that were very easy to repair.  They were not Balmar problems but the result of bad crimps when installed.  Also, my unit does have an inline fuse.

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