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Hello Ben:

Different engine on our boat, we had the ground cable to the alternator pretty much broke which caused the non-charging. Our friend (SM2k with yanmar) had the same...same cause.
We both found it by tracking the cable all the way to the alternator.

Good luck,
Atman, SM215

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My engine quit charging house batteries.  DC panel light is usually white (yellow) indicating engine driven charger is working . I noticed light went to a dim orange - indicating a fault - and engine charger quit topping  off house batteries.  I put a multi-meter on positive and negativ poles coming out of unit and it reads 24 to 25 volt output.  I assume a fuse or regulator issue .  Does anyone  know if there is an external regulator or fuse for engine driven 24 v charger?  If output is there I can not figure out why batteries are not charging..

Ben Driver

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