Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] genoa furler holding plate


Dear Olivier

Thank you very much for your explications. They are very helpful to me. I just got new sails from Qsails in Izmir, and of course I want to treat them right from the beginning.

Maybe one last question. I am a bit confused about AMELs original idea of the possible use of the Santorin as little sister or little brother of the Super Maramu. A Santorin owner told me recently that during the take over instruction week in Hyères back in 1996 he was told by the AMEL people that the Santorin has to go back to shore power each evening - with the standard installation of 3 batteries. An other friend of mine is right now crossing the Atlantic with his Santorin - making full use of the standard wave generator and two solar panels he
has added.

Thank you very much and Kind regards.


AMEL Santorin No. 64 (1992)
Kuşadası (Setur Marina), Turkey

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