Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Onan Cranks But Won't Start

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Mike:


I am thinking that exhaust restriction is a possibility. 


The fuel supply side checks out:

- New RaCore Filters prior to haul out and are clear

- Fuel topped up so condensation shuldn't have been problem

- Sumping the fuel filter revealed no water or crud

- Changed the fuel filter nevertheless

- Electric fuel pump puts out copious pressurized clean fuel at the bleed bolt

- Fuel shut off valve fully open and RaCore valve properly set to open

Only thing I can't/haven't checked on the fuel side of the equation is the injectors.


On the intake side I am going to pull the intake manifold to see if there seems to be any obstruction like a delaminated hose etc.


On the exhaust side, that is where I am putting my money.  If there is an obstruction that would explain the low cranking speed (i.e. cranking agains an obstruction) and would also explain the failure to start.   Thanks for the failure mode history.




Gary Silver   s/v Liahona   Amel SM #335



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