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Hi Jim.  Tell us why you're cursing Mexico and SoCal.  Is it just because it's a cursing boat?

I had a potential OPO crew this summer who said he and his wife were looking for a cursing boat.  It might've a good fit.

Just jerking your chain(-:

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Hello Bill and others,

My wife and I have been cursing Pacific Mexico and Southern California
for the past six years on our SM # 207 named “Liebling”. We purchased
her in Seattle 10 years ago . We are the second owners and the first
owner still sails with us every year. She is in excellent ongoing
cursing condition and will receive new bottom paint in a few weeks. We
are currently located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and will be bringing
the boat up to California in July. Please contact me via email or phone
if you have any interest in acquiring a great cursing boat in the
Pacific Waters of Mexico or the US.

My contact email info is jdesalvo at or via my US phone
206 650-3901.

Regards, Jim DeSalvo, S/V Liebling, SM #207

On 2016-01-19 20:55, greatketch@... [amelyachtowners] wrote:
> Hello all,
> We have begun shopping for an SM or SM2k to continue our cruising
> plans on an upgraded platform.
> We are currently in Hawaii, but would go almost anywhere for the right
> boat at the right price. The boat needs to be pretty much ready to go,
> we don't want to spend extensive time in refit.
> Drop me a line if you have a lead.
> Bill Kinney


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