Amel 54 - engine room overheating problems

Tony Robinson <tonywrobinson51@...>

I am convinced that the port side of the engine room on my Amel 54 is under ventilated. The 100 amp Dolphin charger has now failed twice due to overheating problems, and one of the pulleys on the high pressure watermaker pump directly underneath has also failed for the same reason.

I'm thinking of fitting a fan to the end of the ducting that comes down from the deck at the forward portside of the engine room to pull in more air. My boat is in Greece so I don't have access to it right now. Could someone tell me the width of the ducting I refer to above ? From memory it is about 5 inches wide (120mm ?) but if someone could confirm this I would be very grateful.

Also, does anyone have any comments re this idea ?

Thank you all in advance.

Regards, Tony Robinson  - Catriona R, Amel 54 # 102

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