Re: Curacao


Hi Will,

Please don't take this as criticism but it would be helpful if you would also post your comments on Noonsite.  When I looked there the only thing I could find was "Break-ins and thefts have been reported twice to Noonsite (2008 and 2012) from cruisers who have left their boats on the hard at Curacao Marine. Be sure, if leaving your boat for a period of time, to secure all items of value below decks and revisit the locking/security system on hatches and doors" .  Your post on this group indicates 17 break ins last year!

When I saw your post about the many problems you had with the marina,  I emailed a trusted friend who has lived aboard in Curacao for at least 15 years.  He told me things that I will not post on this group because technically these comments are heresay.

Yet there is nothing posted on Noonsite which is a place most yachters go to get the scoop on places they visit.  



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