Odd Onan starting problem

Paul Osterberg

When we bought our SM we had problem to start our Onan genset. It fires and start but died right away, I noticed that the "trotel/gas" solenoid did not hold the "trotel". By holding the trotel by force it worked alright, but something was wrong. I asked the mechanics to look at it, but each time they where at the boat it fires up with no problem. After i while the problem occurred more seldom, and after a few month it "correct" it self and it has worked without problem for month now. since a while I found out that if i try to start the onan from the starter nob on the genset and not use the starter in the galley I have the same problem, it fires but the solenoid can't hold the trotel/gas,  but it start without any problem from the  galley.

Any one who can put some light on what the problem could be?

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259

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