Shaft generator

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Hello Jeff,
You will find details of a British wind and water generator at This is for a
towed propellor. The actual generator is a first class product, I
know because I had one in the wind driven form. It was mounted
initially just above the Radar on the mizzen of my awful Oyster 435
and did not work when the mizzen staysail was hoisted. It was fine
when relocated at the top of the mast but now lies on the bottom of
Newport R.I. harbour thanks to Hurricane Bob.
There is another British maker of a wind/water generator which
looked better but I cannot trace them.
Before you get too involved in fitting a shaft driven generator
check with your engine/gearbox maker that it will not wreck the
gearbox. This happened to someone we met in the Pacific and the
reason was that there was no pressurised oil supply to the gearbox
unless the engine was running. He was assured by his favourite
mechanic back in the States that there would be no problems and he
continued to let the shaft freewheel with his next gearbox !!! and
it was not even driving a generator. That showed great faith in that
mechanic or was it stupidity?

Regards, Anne and John SM319

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