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Sounds great.
Please provide details again so we can sign up. Please include info for those like us that aren't as computer literate as some other folks.
Paul & Sue LaFrance

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Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 09:38:20 -0800
Subject: Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Changes to Yahoo

UPDATES to the new board:

*Moderator set.
*Added 60 new topics on a per-model basis.  While this might prove a bit overkill to start, later on it will provide a much better search capacity as you can drill down to what model and what subject you wish to search within.
*Board Permissions and security is established uniformly across the boards.  Guests will be able to read almost anything but post almost nothing except into 'general' boards.  Membership will be required to to access files and photos except those included in general board messages.
*Message Board backups set up.  The only thing I have left to do in the 'backing up' department is to go deep and have the Service Provider schedule automatic backups of the SQL database.  Then we will stand pretty close to zero chance of losing more than a day's data.
*Added message boards for non-technical stuff. Cruising lifestyle, cooking, etc.  I thought about a 'Women's Corner' kind of a topic, but haven't done it yet because I'm not sure it is totally cool.  Expect a poll to that end sooner or later. It's easy to add and modify categories and topics to fit our interests.  If someone sees value in a topic that could be better served as its own board I'm certainly open to that. 

Now, moving over to the new board...  I guess it's not up to me to say when or how.  The transition will never be as clean as flipping a switch.  
I don't know how to put up a header or sticky message that says 'come on over to the new site'.  
I don't know when I should cease downloading messages from here and porting them over but I guess that depends on traffic.

There are over 70 folks registered so far.  There are some 1,200 members here.  I presume that the bulk of members here are passive because the postings seem to be a pretty active core group.  I believe most of that active group has already registered.  Once we 'switch' I'll let the email-verified registrations run for a while (say, a month) but then it will take an admin approval to join.  I think that it's reasonable to keep our group closed except to genuinely 'vested interest' folks.  

OK, for arguments' sake let's say I can have my security and backup tasks done in a couple of days.
There are still pictures to transfer and sort out, but that doesn't need to hold anything up as we can all pitch in and get the gallery going in a meaningful manner..

What are folks feeling about really doing this?  How about a 1 FEB 'live' date?

Gary W.
S/V Adagio SM 209
(windy today) BVI

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