Quick water heaters, Magnesium anodes

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

Hello Paul,
I have just realised that you are writing about a Quick water heater
and thus the same as mine. If you put in my subject as above in this
sites search facility you should see the earlier stuff. You will find
some pics in the Bali Hai changes photo album and more info in old
messages 1126-1130 and 1764. I think I did another posting which I
cannot find which said that after changing the anode the hot water was
a bit like carbonated water until the new anode presumably expired
after a couple of months.
It is hard to see from my pics but I am pretty sure that the anode
fits or screws into a fitting next to the hot water take off pipe. If
like me you want to make sure of reconnecting correctly take some pics
to improve your chances before you disassemble things!
The makers website is www.quickitaly.com/ENG/framedownload.htm
I have not opened the heater since but hope that it is not so badly
scaled up as I have not been taking on mains water and that watermaker
product is lime scale free...hope springs eternal in the mind of a
lazy man.

Good luck, Anne and John, SM 319

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