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Hi, I have just completed my regular morning scroll through the Amel owners forum emails. I love the diversity of threads, some I read carefully, others I skim. If I had to enter categories or topics it is very unlikely I would do it. If I see a post pertinent to me or I think I may want to review it some time in the future I have an email folder called "Amel advice" that I shift it to. Been doing that since 2009 so there are a few in there (in date order).
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I'll chime in with my own thoughts, and they are worth every penny you have paid for them.  I like the idea of a new forum. Certainly this one has be an invaluable resource to me as I have been researching Amel boats.

I definitely dislike the fragmentation of the new forum into 60 different topics.  One of the real benefits of a forum like this is the cross-fretilization.  A SM2K owner might think he would never care what solutions a Sharki needs, but sometimes there are gems of wisdom in places we don't expect to see them.

I want to read ALL the message posted in the Amel owner forum, and the new format structure makes that a real pain...

Searching is still best done by keyword, not by forum category.

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