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Hi Eric and welcome,


Answer to question 1 - I think a snorkel under the boat won't tell you much. Shame you can't be at the haul out. But then if you really want to see yourself it would depend upon where the boat is. I 'm not a fan of going in the water at marinas as you don't know which neighbour secretly flushes their toilet!


Answer to question 2 - earlier Maramus are quite different to later ones so not sure which you have. About 1984 (I think) lifting bow thrusters and the electric furling rigs were introduced. So the earler ones are more simple. You also don't have as many systems and Amel specific things like the C drive introduced on the Super Maramu and Santonin. Ideally an Amel knowledgable surveyor is best- but it sounds like you already have one organised and commited. At least it's not as important as for a later Amel model if you have no choice. 


As for deal breakers...I can't think of any specific to a Maramu. Amazingly for a boat of this era there are no obvious weeknesses other than the headlining. The build quality means hull structure, osmosis, balsa cored deck rot, keel bolt issues etc are not normally a worry. On an older boat it's obviously really important whether updates have been done properly rather than on a shoestring to avoid retrofitted stuff fitted incorrectly being a problem. Yourself or any surveyor should be able to tell that.


Apart from that, evidence of water ingress from rain should be visible easily from veneer damage and investigated. The interior woodwork is all Mahogany and very good quality but it can rot if wet such as constantly leaking dech fittings or hatches. Areas to check are like the bulkheads and roof of the anchor locker. The freshwater pipes are copper and glassed in but can be replumbed if not done already (after 30 years they can get pin holes). The fuel tank is stainless steel.


Definately take Joel up on his offer of giving you some history from the hull number! And maybe even post the survey here so we can read it.


Good luck,

John Maramu #91 1981 Popeye

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