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Gary Wells

Board update 1/28/16
Yesterday was my day in the cyberworld for photo transfers.  I moved pretty close to 700 of them across from Yahoo to my personal server then to the web space and then into a photo gallery generic 'bucket'.

The problem, as most know, is that Yahoo keeps all these files in a big, undefined bucket.  The photos that are posted are in 'folders' and that structure can be retained when you download them.  Putting them back up is not so simple as a separate photo gallery would have to be created for each folder and that would prove to be very time intensive (I did three and decided it was not the way to go about it.

My workaround was to take all the images out of their folders and into one giant gallery. But before I did that, I went through most of them and renamed them by appending the name of their previous folder to each picture.  
For instance, a folder named "Aletes" has let's say 20 photos in it.  Each photo has a generic camera file name like "IMG2014310000024113.jpg"  Not useful for searching or understanding context.  By appending "Aletes_" to each of those file names now it will be opssible to see the file "Aletes_IMG2014......" and group them together in the appropriate member's home gallery(ies).  

Man, now that I've read what I wrote it's confusing even to me ...  nonetheless, the pictures are transferred (through about the 1st of January 2016)  I'll take a look at trying to move the newer photos a bit later.

The galleries are working now after a day long search to find the missing backslant.  
You can upload photos to either public or personal galleries and make them viewable/searchable or keep them private.  
You can copy photos between galleries, post them from the gallery into messages and send them via personal message to other members. 
There is a slideshow capability built in.
There is also limited photo editing after posting.
Probably more I haven't learned yet too :)

Eventually, I'd envision the owners of their photos would pull them out of the -All Photos- gallery and put them together in a proper gallery or posting.  Again, this is totally new capability so it may come slowly as we figure it out.

Gary W.
SM 209, Adagio

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