Re: Changes to Yahoo

Gary Wells

OK< had a couple of requests from folks asking for help to log on or register to log on.

The site is "www dot amelowners dot net"

When the page loads, right below the word "Amel" in the upper left hand corner there are boxes for login name and password.  

Below that, at the end of options open to guests, is the word "Register"

As you register, provide the email address where you want your validation email to arrive (this proves that you're a human and not a spam 'bot'.

When you get the email, follow the instruction and then you can use the login and password box to access the member sections of the board.  

Click on "Profile" and fill in as much information as you'd care to share with other members about you and your boat.

Let me know via PM (Personal Message) if you have any problems.

Gary W.
S/V Adagio, SM 209

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