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Glad you're getting it done.  Please say Ola to Danny for me.

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Thanks for the info. We have ordered a replacement from Amel. We are on our way after repairs are done and will have the old transmission repaired if possible by Danny in Fajardo.
Paul & Sue

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Hi Paul,
The mechanic in Fajardo is Danny Ramos at Marine Mechanical.
(787) 655-3702 office
(787) 607-0945 mobile
He is walking distance from SunBay Marina.

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Thanks for the info.
The shaft is definitely broken as we have taken the Vetus coupling off after moving the engine back. We did break up a Vetus coupling last year that was caused by the mechanic not using lock washers on the bracket holding the transmission in place and it came loose. This was done when the engine was replaced and the mechanic who installed the engine loosened up the bolts. The Vetus coupling could be replaced but is serviceable as soon as I punch out the broken shaft that is inside it.
It would be a tough sail over to St Martin due to the pointing aspects of an Amel. I believe FKG could machine a part. In Roadtown there is a machine shop, Nautitool, who could machine a part.
My real question is how to remove the shaft. Did Kent have his shaft removed? If possible I would sail to Puerto Rico to have it done if this is what Kent had done. I would prefer to know how it comes apart even if Amel can source a replacement.
I have posted pictures on the Amel site.

Paul & Sue LaFrance

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Just a thought...Fixing the problem in the BVI might be a little difficult due to lack of good marine resources, and knowledge of the Amel. Here in St Martin, the resources are much better, and it is only an 80 mile sail away. Also, Will has a special tool he had machined to help with the alignment process, and I'm sure he would let you use it. When Kent had his problem, he had it fixed in Puerto Rico, and he has the name of the mechanic who did the work. 

Aloha Sm72
St Martin

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We have broken the shaft from the engine to the transmission. The shaft broke inside the Vetus Flex Coupling.
Has any one had to replace this part and if so how did it come off. Does Amel have a spare for this? We have emailed Amel and are awaiting their reply.

Paul & Susan LaFrance
Currently at anchor in Peter Island BVI

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