Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Failed Dolphin Chargers

The small Dolphin was replaced on Peregrinus mid-2011 with a Mastervolt 30/24.

The large Dolphin was replaced in 2013 with a Mastervolt 100/24.  At the same time, we added the Easyview Mastervolt display to monitor both chargers.  We also added the Mastevolt USB interface so we can more easily program the chargers from a PC. 

In 2015, we added the Mastervolt shunt (500A), so we can better monitor the batteries from the Easyview.  It made the factory amp meter in the 24v panel redundant (we love redundancy).

We did not need upgrade the cables when we replaced the chargers.  However, we were advised our cables are not sufficient for the Mastervolt charger/inverter Combi, not because of the charging amperage, but because of the discharging inverter amperage.  

Sm2k 350
At anchor, Mar Menor (Spain)

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