Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Switching from Delpi Freedom to AGM Batteries in a SM2

Ag Av8ter

Hey Bill and Judy,

I'm sure you already know this, but be sure your battery charger can
handle the AGM's. My new battery charger can, but the original
Nemo50 that came with the boat could not. The Dolphin that we have
now can charge the AGM's, but there is a dip switch that needs to be

Good luck and great sailing!!

Tony and Heidi
(still in Puerto La Cruz)

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Has anyone successfully switched from the Delphi Freedom to AGM

We would love to be able to replace the Freedom's, but find
with failing almost 4 year old Freedoms in the Netherlands
Our choices are limited.


Judy and Bill Rouse
S/Y Security
SM2 #387

Well, not on an Amel but when i was renovating that Lagoon 42 cat
in the
USVI's we upgraded to a full set (8) of the large(st) Concorde
AGM's. BIG and
HEAVY they are it was easy peasy but expensive we even got charged
to deliver
them from the marine store at one end of the dock onto the Lagoon
floating at
the other end of the dock OUCH!!!!



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