Selling Curtains and Closet Enclosures (<2yrs old)


Hey there! We redid the interior of Cerulean to remove all the design elements from my Ex (LOL) and wanted to put our curtains and closet enclosures up for sale.

They are all Sunbrella, and completed buy Rosarios Canvas in MDR (double fabric layering etc).

Pics can be seen here:

Cerulean Salon Interior Refinishing – Part Three

This is for a Traditional Maramu (non Super) - Cerulean is hull #105. Note: All Curtains are in perfect condition, with track guides, snaps/velcro and matching hold back ties. 

New Cost was: $1600+ ($1250 for materials + $400 Labor)

I will sell and ship them to the first person who responds directly for $525!!!! You save over $1100


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