engine kill switch?

pjppappas <pjppappas@...>

As most of you have notice there are times when the engine kill switch
at the helm will not kill the engine and one must go below and turn
the throttle back to kill the engine. Recently i sent a crew member
down to do just that and today my engine won't turn over. You turn the
switch and it just goes click. I am in La Paz Mexico and a totally
clueless mechanic didn't have a cleu as to the problem. So I go poking
around and there is this brass looking cylinder just above the throtle
with what looks like a button on the top of it so i give it a couple
of pushes and voila the engine starts. what is this contraption.
apparantly the crew member pushed that button. is it a kill switch and
should it be used to kill the engine when the helm kill switch won'd
get the job done. I was afraid i was going to be stuck here for
awhile - not a bad place, but not in keeping with my plans. thanks
Peter Pappas Callisto SM369

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