Re: Changes to Yahoo

Gary Wells

Hi all,

Well got kind of busy so let things sit for a bit.  No news, no problems and everything seems ready to go.

I will switch on "Administrator Approval" for new members in a week or so, so existing members here (if they want to) should register ow while the process is a simple email validation.  

I did a database backup to be sure it worked and they can be saved off-line to prevent any data loss.

If there is a consensus that folks want to move over now, I realize there are several very active discussions going on.  I have the ability to capture them and will move those over so the reply chain can start on the new board without dropping any of the current messages in the topic.

Looks like we'll e sitting tight for a couple of weeks here in the USVI whilst some paperwork gets handled so it's a good time as far as availability and connectivity for me to work on the board if anything goes weird or can be improved.


Gary W.
SM 209, Adagio

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