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eric freedman


Also remember to replace the O ring on the drain plug.

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Hi Rick.  I had the same problem several years ago.  I flushed with cheap oil.  

Also, I changed the way the seals were installed.  The drawing from Amel shows the two inner (forward) seals with open sides facing forward and the outer (aft) seal facing aft.  I placed the inner seal facing forward and the two outer seals facing aft.  That way there are two keeping water out and one keeping oil in.  If you start leaking oil (I haven't) you can replace it through the overflow tank.


I haven't had any problems since I started installing the seals this way.


Good luck.




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On the hard changing the milkshake-colored oil in the c-drive. I've looked on the forum and see a reference to flushing it with diesel before refilling with oil. Also saw something about using benzene. Any other ideas/experiences? Thanks!

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