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Giovanni TESTA

Hi Olivier, many thanks for infos. Waiting to arrive at an Amel base, as I'm now in Thailand, may I add some how grease from the top ?
All the best
Giovanni Testa
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Hi Mark,

the purpose of the grease is to reduce friction (and wear) between the  inner tube of the foil and the forestay.
AMEL's recommendation was to renew the grease after 5 years, but very often, there is still a huge amount of grease remaining (after 5 years), depending on the sailing area, as in warm waters, the grease will melt more (than in cold) and collect at the base of the forestay.
AMEL used Silicone grease, rather heavy and sticky, but however, melting above 35°C.


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 I will be re-rigging my Super Maramu in April and will re-grease the jib forestay at that time.  Is "Super Lube" the best product for this task?  What does Amel use on new boats? Suggestions are appreciated.

Mark Pitt
"Sabbatical III" ASM #419 currently in Kas, Turkey

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