Re: Rain-X

Ag Av8ter

Hello John,

Instead of Rain X, try good old fashioned Lemon Pledge. I have used
it on the plexiglass of both airplanes and helicopters and now our
SM. I buy the liquid version in the pump container as it is so much
less expensive than the aerosol. Works great, easy to apply and has
not hurt the plexi on anything I have used it on.

Tony and Heidi

--- In, "john martin"
<symoondog@...> wrote:

Hello, Has anyone used the product rain-x on the windshield of
their boat.
It works wonders on a car as the water just rolls off with little
need of
the wipers. The directions state not to use it on plastics unless
pre-aproved by the manufacturer of the plastic. John ' Moondog'

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