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Hej Per-Erik
You just have to tighten the nut a quarter of a turn and then put the nut lock back in place again.

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S/Y Lady Annila. SM 232, 1998

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Good morning

I am a relatively new owner (2 years) of SM2K no 373 "Voyageur" and very greatful to all of you in this forum.

So far I have been able to make service and solve all my problems with pictures and information from this site.

BUT.....some time ago I found a small leak in front of the rudder in aft cabin. It is completely dry in the area under the nut where the rudderstock enter into the cabin. In front of it where there is no gelcoat is a drop of saltwater intruding in a slow rate.

I posted some pictures and the leak is under the grey patch of epoxi wich helped and stopped it completely.

Any experience of this and suggestions?

Kind regards

Per-Erik Edwards

SM2K 373 Voyageur

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