air conditioning maramu

Eric Lindholm

I am thinking about installing air conditioning on my Maramu. My plan
was to install a 16,000 BTU unit in the forward, outside bottom
portion of the cockpit storage, just outside of the waterheater. I
could then cut a duct through to the waste box under the stove and use
that for my return duct. I don't use the waste cabinet anyway, and I
won't be cutting holes in anything else. I was then going to run the
output straight up into the fresh aire ducting, right where the fans
are presently. I removed the heater some time ago as I don't/won't
sail where it is cold. Question, is 16,000 BTU enough? I think it may
be marginal, and I will need 2 units, one perhaps under the settee,
and another in the rear stateroom if I want to keep the whole boat
cool, or just one in the main cabin, and not worry about the rear.
Next is the current ducting going to provide enough output? I was
going to install an additional vent in the main cabin so there are at
least 2 or maybe 3. Any suggestions, comments?

Eric Maramu 105

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