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We have Maramu 192 and it came with a 16000 btu mermaid reverse cycle
installed in the aft of the saloon settee.
There are 2 outlets, one blowing aft through the tunnel towards the aft
cabin, at the nav table bulkhead
(across your legs if you are at the nav.). The other blows across the
saloon in the foot area between
the saloon table and freezer. The return is in the fore/aft walkway just in
front of the nav table bulkhead.
Thermostat is just above the nav table.
We lived in Fort Lauderdale (now live on boat). In summer when boat was
closed up and hot(100f) it would take quite
awhile to cool it down. We shut forward saloon door and hung a plastic
shower curtain over the aft passage
(tunnel) to keep the air in the saloon. After while we would open the
back. Cooling in the back in the
day was never very good, we put a fan in tunnel if working in back to get
air back there. At night it
was more than enough without a fan.
We are now in the Cheasapeak getting ready to go to spain next May. It was
plenty good for the summer
We are using the diesel heater now. You would never get enough air for
cooling through those small ducts.
The Mermaid output ducts are 6" and the return is right at the unit. You
need to move a lot of air and
I don't think the ducts are where you need them, nor large enough. You'll
want most of the air dumping
into the saloon. (perhaps 4 4" ducts)
Since we are heading for the Med. and don't plan on anymore S Florida
summers we are satisfied with our
with the one 16000 btu.
To live in S.Florida you would want 2 units to be cool throughout the boat
during the day. The aft
could be smaller. The v berth was never very cool, except at night. (entire
boat open with fan)
Don't forget about the extra amps and your load. We are still using 30 amp
service. With hot water, etc
it adds up fast.
We turn off all at night, so on cold mornings we turn on the reverse cycle
mermaid, and the diesel heater,
which we just replaced, and it gets warm in 15 min.
We also just replaced or rebuilt everything from the deck up, and I'll post
some info on that adventure
when we get all the details finished.

Ken & Judy
Golden Daze M192

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