Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] What size of anchor Rockna for Maramu.

Ric Gottschalk <ric@...>


I have a Santorin (46’) and have the Rockna 33kg. Fits great and I never have to say “I wish I got the bigger one” when Mother nature roars. I also changed the chain to 3/8” HT and the windlass gypsy to accommodate the chain. Should be lots of posts on this.


Ric Gottschalk

Bali Hai SN46


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I want to change my anchor.

I’m looking for a Rockna but the size that is recommended on the charts is tremendous big. 33 kg what is about 50cm large for the shovel is about 50 cm large ant the anchor itself is all about 1,06 m long.

Don’t you think it is to big for a maramu (46 feet 14ton).

Does anyone of You have the same anchor and which size.

Thank you for answering.




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