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Eric Lindholm <etlindholm@...>

Thanks to all. I will start with the saloon, and install smaller separate AC's in the V berth and aft cabin. There are some very compact units available, which should do the job in the sleeping quarters.
Eric, "Maramu" 105

amelliahona <> wrote:
The Amel Super Maramu comes standards with three (3) Clima 9EH =
9,000 BTU Air conditioners with Electric Heat. There is one unit in
the forward cabin that cools the forward cabin and forward head
very well. There is one unit in the aft cabin that does an admirable
job of cooling that cabin and head. The unit in the saloon is not
adequate to cool the saloon especially in the tropics. Joel tells me
that he installs a fourth unit in the saloon on all of his boats. The
quarter berth has poor cooling by both the AC from the saloon and
by opening ports. I am in the process of installing a fourth Clima
unit (a 10,000 BTU with EH). Most of it's output will be directed into
the galley to help my poor hard working cook (wife), and if I can
figure a way to duct some air to the quarter berth I will do that.
I am also considering installing another opeing port into the
quarter berth area.
I don't think you need 16,000 BTU in the aft cabin. 16,000 BTU
is about right for the saloon in my opinion. Each unit has only
one vent outlet on the SM. Simple, but a small outlet in the aft
head (which doesn't have a hatch like the forward head), and
two outlets in the forward cabin would give better cool air
distribution. Two outlets are definitely needed in the saloon.

Hope these thoughts help.

Regards, Gary Silver Amel SM 2000 # 395

--- In, "eric lindholm" <etlindholm@...> wrote:

I am thinking about installing air conditioning on my Maramu. My plan
was to install a 16,000 BTU unit in the forward, outside bottom
portion of the cockpit storage, just outside of the waterheater. I
could then cut a duct through to the waste box under the stove and use
that for my return duct. I don't use the waste cabinet anyway, and I
won't be cutting holes in anything else. I was then going to run the
output straight up into the fresh aire ducting, right where the fans
are presently. I removed the heater some time ago as I don't/won't
sail where it is cold. Question, is 16,000 BTU enough? I think it may
be marginal, and I will need 2 units, one perhaps under the settee,
and another in the rear stateroom if I want to keep the whole boat
cool, or just one in the main cabin, and not worry about the rear.
Next is the current ducting going to provide enough output? I was
going to install an additional vent in the main cabin so there are at
least 2 or maybe 3. Any suggestions, comments?

Eric Maramu 105

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